This Gadget Turns Your Commuter Into the World’s Smartest Exercise Bike

Why buy both?

January 18, 2017 9:00 am

If you made a New Year’s resolution a few weeks back to drop a couple pounds, you may have found yourself debating whether to spend on a new bike or sessions with a personal trainer.

Eliminating that choice entirely: the Falco eDrive, a hybrid concept model that merges a commute-ready e-bicycle with a smart indoor power training bike.

Capable of converting a standard bike into an e-model, Falco’s eDrive system consists of an electric wheel that can be dropped into an existing frame, a mountable 400Wh lithium battery pack with an integrated smart training system that creates resistance and mimics changes in terrain and road conditions when the bike is paired with its corresponding indoor stand unit.  

Able to connect with third-party apps via Bluetooth or a wireless connection, the eDrive can achieve speeds of up to 28 MPH, offer a range of 100 miles and fully charge in just six hours. “We believe that cycling has the power to bring about sweeping changes to our world,” according to Falco. “The potential is huge in terms of its impact on commuting, fitness, regeneration and saving our planet.”

Available for $1,149 until January 31st, the eDrive’s price will jump to $1,649 after its preorder period is over, and units are expected to ship (add $79 in the continental U.S.) on June 30th.

Cancel next year’s resolution.

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