This Game Is the Closest You’ll Ever Get to Racing an Actual F1 Car

We've come a long way from 'Super Mario Kart,' baby

May 15, 2017 9:00 am

In 1992, the peak of video-game car racing was a fantastically addictive game called Super Mario Kart. I used to race my flatmates for household chores. Toad was my go-to.

My, what a difference a quarter-century makes.

Because the newest concept from gaming company CXC Simulations wants to put you behind the wheel of an actual 2009 Williams F1 race car. Paired with the most advanced race simulators in the world, it’ll make for the most immersive car-racing experience to date.

The only caveat here?

You’re going to have to hop aboard a cruise ship to buckle in. Beginning in September, luxury liner Norwegian Cruises will offer the marvelous experience of sitting in a Motion Pro II chassis equipped with a VR smorgasbord that includes feedback vibration simulators, force-feedback steering, adjustable pedals and a surround-sound system.

There are worse things than having to take a first-class seafaring joyride to get this adrenaline fix. But — word to the wise — I’ve strapped into one of these puppies before. They are. No. Joke. You’re going to be transported to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and you’re going to feel like you’re on the track.

Make sure to pack some ibuprofen. It’s also a complimentary chiropractic appointment.

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