And on the Seventh Day, He Created Puncture-Proof Bicycle Tires

Look ma, no air.

By The Editors
November 7, 2016 9:00 am

No cyclist likes a flat tire. But because they have no other choice, they ride on, knowing full well their day could be ruined with one ill-judged patch of road.

But a new company called Ever Tires wants to let bikers know they hold the power of choice, and they’ve released two new tire models to prove it: the Ever Tire and Nexo Tire.

The first thing you need to know about these tires: they require no air, which automatically guarantees no leaks or flats. Second: they’re each made to accommodate all bike sizes.

The pricier option of the two airless models — the Ever Tire — is made from a special eco-friendly polymer blend and features a design that the company says reduces weight and improves comfort and durability. The only rub: Ever Tires need a special rim to accommodate the design. The rims come with the tires, but that just means one extra step and less room for customization.

The Nexo Tire, on the other hand, is built to look more like a traditional bike tire, and can attach to a cyclist’s existing rims. This is possible from a custom-designed T-bolt that attaches and secures the tire under the lip of the rim.

No matter which tire you choose, the company promises at least 5,000 miles flat-free, which is basically riding the length of the U.S. twice over.

The Ever Tire and Nexo Tire are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Ride on.

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