Enzo Ferrari’s Personal Car, Found in a Shipping Container, Is for Sale

When he wasn’t driving Peugeots, Enzo drove this 1962 Ferrari 330 GT

Enzo Ferrari's 1962 330 GT is now for sale. (Daniel Schmitt & Co.)
Enzo Ferrari's 1962 330 GT is now for sale. (Daniel Schmitt & Co.)

If you could drive any car in the world, no matter the cost, chances are a good chunk of people would pick from Ferrari’s high-powered, high-priced lineup. But the one person who had the greatest access to the company’s archives, founder Enzo Ferrari, famously didn’t use many of the cars for personal use. The father of the Prancing Horse actually favored Peugeots and one particular Mini Cooper.

There is, however, one Ferrari we know he used as a daily driver: a 1962 330 GT 2+2 Coupe in light ivory, which was recently rediscovered and put up for sale via Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery in Missouri.

“Enzo was known to drive this between his house and the factory,” said Michael Dyer, Daniel Schmitt & Co.’s research director, in an interview with Robb Report.

The black leather interior of Enzo Ferrari’s 192 330 GT 2+2 Coupe. (Daniel Schmitt & Co.)

During additional research to prove its provenance, this specific car was found in a Pininfarina press photo, brochures for the 330 and Leonardo Acerbi’s tome Ferrari: A Complete Guide to All Models. Enzo’s son Piero Ferrari even vouched for it.

The 330 GT has never been a particularly hot collector car, but there are still noteworthy features such as the four-headlight front end and its classification as a prototype, which means that while Enzo drove it in ‘62, it wasn’t officially registered until two years later, so it’s titled as a ‘64 model. As for the 2+2 designation, that denotes the two front and two back seats.

But the unearthing of this rare vehicle is almost as interesting as the car itself. As Dyer told Robb Report, it was discovered in a shipping container by “a client of a Texas Ferrari restorer.” There’s no explanation as to why it was in a shipping container, but once the restorer got a hold of it, the low chassis number clued him in that this was a potentially special Ferrari. And he was right.

Over $22K in service on this 1962 Ferrari 330 GT was done in 2018. (Daniel Schmitt & Co.)

The bad news? All this history adds up to a premium, and Daniel Schmitt & Co. will sell this ‘62 330 GT for $495,900. According to Hagerty, that’s more than double the average going rate for this model.

Fear not, Enzo disciples. It appears this car was first listed on eBay back in 2018, and it’s back up in a new listing as well as on the dealer’s website. Meaning? A seasoned haggler could probably knock that price down a peg or two.

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