Elon Musk Eyes Potential 2020 Opening For Las Vegas Tunnel

System would be used by the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A tunnel from The Boring Company.
The Boring Company

With The Boring Company, Elon Musk may well be responsible for the highest-profile pun in a corporate name imaginable. But unlike some of Musk’s other ventures, including high-end electric cars and space exploration, the idea of tunnels fitted out to transport people at high speeds represents a more accessible side of the entrepreneur’s ventures.

The first project from The Boring Company scheduled to be open to the public is a project in Las Vegas. Via his Twitter account, Musk described the tunnel as  “going from Convention Center to Strip.” The Boring Company’s page for the project notes that the project will be able to convey passengers the same distance in 1 minute that it would take them to walk in 15 — and offers an ambitious plan for expansion.

As part of the same thread, Musk also stated that he hoped that the tunnel would be “fully operational in 2020.”

Shannon Liao at CNN reported on this news, and noted that this isn’t the first date that Musk has cited for the project’s opening. Liao wrote that Musk “had originally tweeted in March that the Vegas tunnel could be operational by the end of 2019. He then tweeted in May that the company would begin digging in two months — but the company did not actually start until November.”

That said, a high-profile infrastructure project taking longer than expected isn’t necessarily a shock in this day and age. A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority confirmed the 2020 opening date. Plenty of eyes are on this project, and if The Boring Company can make it work, it could go far beyond a memorable proof of concept.

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