Is the Electric Mini Cooper Ready to Be Taken Seriously?

A new version features a much improved range

Mini Cooper
No one puts Mini in a corner
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At a time when smaller and inexpensive cars are falling by the wayside, there’s one notable exception: the Mini Cooper. It’s not surprising that the distinctive design of the Mini Cooper has translated well into an electric version, which has gotten high marks overall — with the notable exception of its limited range being heavily criticized. Car and Driver‘s review of the 2023 Mini Cooper Electric noted that its estimated range would take it all of 110 miles on a single charge.

This week, Mini announced a new version of the Mini Cooper Electric; among the upgrades in this iteration was — you guessed it — a dramatically increased range. The new version of the Mini Cooper E will have a range of 190 miles, while the Mini Cooper SE will be able to travel 250 miles on a single charge. Speaking of charging, these new electric Coopers also have the capacity for fast charging, with the Mini Cooper E capable of charging at up to 75 kW and the Cooper SE being able to charge at up to 95 kW.

The improved range is one part of a larger overhaul to the electric Mini Cooper’s design and engineering. “The idea behind it is a design that gives each new MINI model a strong, individual character and is characterized by a clear, reduced design language intuitively focused on the essentials of the brand,” Oliver Heilmer, who heads design for Mini, said in a statement.

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Good news for manual transmission enthusiasts

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles is unlikely to come until stopping for a charge is as infrequent as stopping to refill the gas tank. Call it the New York to Philadelphia test — namely, can your vehicle make it from one to the other without needing to stop for a refill or recharge? (Feel free to swap in any two cities that are roughly 100 miles apart.)

Previously, the range of electric Mini Coopers made that trip a dicey proposition. This new generation could alter that — and, in turn, be the proverbial game changer.

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