Tesla’s Long-Lost Cousin Looks Like a Lotus, Stings Like a Bee

The 160-MPH Tomahawk is green in more ways than one

January 31, 2017 9:00 am

Comb through Tesla’s family tree and you might eventually identify a long-lost cousin.

It’s green both inside and out, does 0-60 in three seconds and goes by Tomahawk.

Produced by Dubuc Motors, the Tomahawk (which is also available in white) is an all-electric sports car with a chassis made of bonded aluminum sheets that are both lightweight and rigid. With a top speed of 160 MPH and range of 370 miles, the superfast four-seater sports a panoramic roof, scissor doors, a flat undercarriage to reduce turbulence, and adjustable air suspension that can alter the vehicle’s height for appearance or clearing obstacles.

Tesla Cousin Car (3 images)

Equipped with an onboard computer that’s operated using a touchscreen control panel, the all-wheel-drive car has a 360-degree cameras and also a wifi hotspot for software updates.

“While Tesla offers  a sedan and an SUV, we want to complete their product line with our sports car,” according to Dubuc. “When compared to hybrids, the Tomahawk outperforms all of them — in speed, looks, and comfort.”

Dubuc is planning to start production this year and has already started taking reservations.

Now if we could only find Tesla’s weird uncle … Oh, here he  is.

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