Dubai Startup Announces $55k Roadster With Some Serious Vroom

Feel free to disrupt your way right into our garage, gents

May 4, 2016 9:00 am

In Silicon Valley, startups make technology. In New York City, they make content.

And in Dubai, they make toys. Fast ones.

Jannarelly Automotive, a partnership between auto designer Anthony Jannarelly and carbon fiber parts specialist Frederic Juillot, is set to launch a lightweight, customizable, 304 HP roadster named Design-1 in the near future.

Designed to evoke the timelessness of ‘60s sports cars, the two-seat Design 1 is outfitted with a steel tubular frame, aluminum chassis, fiberglass and carbon fiber body, and a 24-valve V6 that can send it from 0-to-60 in less than four seconds and deliver a top speed of 135 MPH. Owners can customize their cars with “endless possibilities” like different body parts, windscreens, hardtops and more.

The first run of roadsters — which will comprise just 30 cars — will be delivered this summer for a price around $55,000.

Watch your six, Mr. Musk.

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