What’s It Like to Drive the World’s Fastest Production EV?

The Rimac Nevera appeals for many reasons

Rimac Nevera
The Rimac Nevera is capable of an absurdly high level of performance.
Rimac Group

When electric vehicles were first available to buy, the operative goal wasn’t necessarily high performance so much as it was efficiency and economy. Things have changed since then, however, and in 2023 the idea of a high-performance vehicle that’s also fully electric is less a goal for the near future and more an accurate description of the present moment. And when the subject of high-performance electric vehicles comes up, the Rimac Nevera is very much part of that conversation.

The Nevera is capable of impressive feats, including a top speed of 258 mph and 1,914 horsepower. To date, it has received high marks from those who have had firsthand experience with it. Writing at The Verge, Tim Stevens describes traveling to Zagreb, Croatia to spend some time in a Nevera, not long after the hypercar in question had set, as Stevens phrased it, “the world record for the fastest production EV on the planet.”

Stevens’s account of driving the Nevera makes for compelling reading. He alludes to experiencing “the life-altering thrust that I had expected” when he makes use of the car’s full amount of horsepower, but also alludes to “some surprising subtlety at play” as well. He attributes some of the car’s level of sensitivity to the Nevera’s four motors — and to the safety systems that monitor a substantial level of detail about the vehicle.

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The company’s founder, Mate Rimac, told Stevens that the essential quality of Rimacs involves “bending physics.” And while no laws governing time and space appear to have been violated during Stevens’s time driving the Nevera, it nonetheless gives a sense of why this hypercar is attracting more and more attention.

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