In Case You Were Wondering What a Two-Wheeled Chevy Bel Air Looks Like

Papa Smurf meets pop-a-wheelie

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

When you think Chevy Bel Air, you probably think Luxury. Space. Comfort. That big old boat of a front end taking up three parking places.

You probably don’t think, “Hey, that’d make a great motorcycle.”

But leave it to bespoke extraordinaire Michael Woolaway of L.A.’s Deus Customs to do just that.

Their newest Harley café racer, the Bel Air 1200 Framer, is precious but track-ready.

“When I started this bike, I knew that my customer Peter wanted a copy of The American,” Woolaway told Bike Exif. “But building a bike with a Harley motor is a big deal to me. I have only done it once before, and I wanted to be proud of the American heritage. I thought about what that meant to me, and what I loved about American design, and it hit me — the 1957 Chevy Bel Air!”

Polished up in a hue close to Chevrolet’s “Tropical Turquoise,”  the 1200 Evo Motor on board will give any rider a run for their money. And complete with a Daytona Twin Tec ignition system and some wild, roaring megaphone mufflers, you’ll be certain to hear her comin’ down the way.

A high-performance machine from body to rubber burners, the Bel Air is proof that looks can be deceiving.

And that’s a good thing.

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