Demand for Used Airstreams Increases Due to the Pandemic

An unexpected expansion for one community

Demand for Airstreams new and old is high these days.
Airstream Inc./Unsplash

In the last year, many Americans have seen their travel plans curtailed or transformed due to the pandemic. When both traveling and lodging have become more fraught, some people have taken the plunge and purchased an Airstream (or other trailer) that allows travel to become more self-contained. The pandemic’s effects on the industry have been well-documented. Airstream recently introduced a model geared towards people working remotely — but that’s not the only way the pandemic has changed the world of trailers.

A new article at The Washington Post focuses on one in particular: the way in which used Airstreams have become in high demand. The detailed manufacturing and distinctive aesthetic used for Airstreams are both attracting more buyers — the article points out that dealerships saw an increase of 20% in sales last year. Airstream’s existing orders will take a year to fill, according to the article.

That surge in interest also extends to renovations. The Post talked to Ward Chandler of the online community Airstream Hunter, who saw a 250% increase in transactions from 2019 to 2020. Some of those purchasing used Airstreams are doing so for financial reasons; others are buying used and then springing for detailed renovations.

For some Airstream buyers, the article notes, the pandemic was the last step they needed to move forward on something that had already interested them. It’s a significant commitment, both in terms of the trailer itself and its upkeep, but it’s one that’s found a surge in demand in the last year.

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