In Bosnia, This Guy Created His Own Version of the Cybertruck

A similar design, but a different kind of fuel

Cybertruck replica
It's not quite a Cybertruck — but it's close.

Late last year, Tesla revealed the Cybertruck, a vehicle with a relatively low price, an impressive range and a design that evoked scenes of futuristic cars in every science fiction movie you’ve ever seen. While interested parties can reserve theirs now, the Cybertruck isn’t set to go on sale until late next year. But what if you can’t wait that long to drive one — and you don’t happen to be a friend or family member of Elon Musk’s?

A new report at Reuters details the creation of a DIY Cybertruck in Bosnia at the behest of a client with a fondness for Tesla and Ford vehicles. Over the course of 8 months, people working at Igor Krezic’s company Stark Solutions took a Ford F-150 and transformed it into something much closer to a Cybertruck.

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And if you’re looking askance at that last paragraph, you’re not wrong for catching some dissonance there: this vehicle may look like a Cybertruck, but it differs from it in one major respect: like the Ford from which it was built, it’s gas-powered.

The article extensively quotes company manager Mario Coric, who provided some insights into the process. “The owner wanted us to combine two opposite sides — Ford and Cyber — because he is a fan of both Tesla and Ford, so we merged two souls into one,” Coric told Reuters.

Coric also described local residents’ surprised reactions to the vehicle’s test drives, which prompted several onlookers to ask whether or not it was a tank.

The next step for the designers is a more everyday one: namely, getting their vehicle authorized to drive on roads within Bosnia. The path to automotive progress can sometimes be a winding one — and sometimes it includes stops you might never have expected at the start of things.

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