You’ve Never Seen a Jeep Do Luxury Like This Before

Try not to get any mud on the leather

March 31, 2017 9:00 am

Remember when it was en vogue to jack your Jeep up on an extra foot of suspension, tear out the doors and generally strip it down to as bare an off-roading machine as possible?

This ain’t that.

A new make from aftermarket shop Chelsea Truck Company, the Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk Edition is a gunmetal two-door with an interior befitting an Italian sportscar. It was created in collaboration with British auto fashion house Project Kahn, who are known for taking the best that exists and then refining them with a deft eye for luxury.

Black Hawk (7 images)

The wheel arches were widened, the grille redesigned and the bumper made to be more prevalent. The vented Iron Man bonnet, sill plates and exhaust maintain the iconic SUV’s silhouette, while the matte finish and rounded, smoked headlights couture things up a bit. The interior is upholstered in a maroon leather with gold stitching, with the console made to match.

A little garish looking when the top is off, sure, but swanky nonetheless.

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