Caterham Just Opened a Build-a-Bear Workshop for Custom Hot Rods

Grab your drafting pencils and driving goggles, gents

October 10, 2016 9:00 am

It doesn’t take a Mario Andretti to realize that the Caterham Seven is a different kind of car.

Singular, even.

Just look at it:

But for those motorists wary that their Caterham won’t be quite unique enough, the British marque just launched Caterham Signature, a personalization program that gives purchasers of the 420S a near-infinite slate of custom, made-to-order options to choose from.

For the program’s launch, Caterham partnered with internationally acclaimed department store Harrods to create the “Harrods Special Edition.” The make is meant to serve as a testament to Signature, from myriad Pantone paint jobs to the style and layout of the instrumentation on the dash to custom finishes on the chassis. One can even have their name stitched into the seat, should they desire.

For their Special Edition, Harrods chose butterscotch leather upholstery, monogrammed rear seats and the Harrods “H” on the gear knob. On the exterior: Harrods’ signature green to reflect the company’s heritage, along with a custom white stripe and gold pinstripe and a powder-coated gold chassis — not something you see every day.

“A Caterham Seven isn’t a car you need to buy, it’s a car you buy because you want it,” said Chief Commercial Officer David Ridley in interview with designboom. “As such, we believe you should make it your own in every way.”

Well done, chaps. Currently on display at the London brick ‘n’ mortar, the Special Edition is subtle and refined, but still a bloody good time.

via designboom

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