Let Your Dirt Bike Play in the Snow With This Conversion Kit

Ski + tracks + bike = snowmobile

February 14, 2018 9:00 am

The winter can be a downer if you stay cooped up. For those with kids, that means kicking them off the couch, gearing them up and sending them out into the snow.

Same goes for your dirt bike.

With the DTS 129 (that’s dirt-to-snow) conversion kit from the off-road experts at Camso, forlorn dirt bike riders can take their vehicles-of-choice out of storage and onto the slopes, icy trails and snowy backcountry.

The 2018 edition of this system comes in two parts: a wide, four-keel ski for the front and a snowmobile-like, 12.5” wide, impact-protected track system in back.

Updates include a new single-rail suspension system for a smooth ride even if you hit debris under the powder, a rubber damper-equipped front ski for reliable handling even in soft snow, and a wheel kit for easy storage, loading and unloading.

Head over to Camso’s website to see if your dirt bike is compatible with the setup. But with brands from Honda to Yamaha accepted, chances are you’re pre-approved for snow day glory.

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