The Bristol Is Coming Back to Life to Make Grown Men Weep

Welcome back, you beautiful hunk of steel and brawn

July 29, 2016 9:00 am

We’d call it a Phoenix if it not for the paintjob: a blazing ceylon blue that looks like it would sooner subsume ashes than rise from them.

It is unmistakable, it is breathtaking, and it is back, baby.

Five years ago, famed car marque Bristol was on the fringe of insolvency. But this beauty here — the Bullet — is the glorious sign of the company’s rebirth. And we can’t imagine a finer way to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Initially a subsidiary of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1945, the heritage brand began producing cars in ‘47. The Bullet, however, is its first iteration to come off the lot since 2003. The inspiration came when the company’s owners, who discovered a forgotten speedster left for dead under a tarp in an old factory. It had Rolls-esque qualities, but with more elegance in the curves.

Now taking orders, a limited production of 70 makes will go into works in the first quarter of next year. The body will be composed of carbon-fiber composites for maximum strength but reduced weight. And most apropos for a Bristol, it has a deep grille and arched bonnet with slitted air intake, an homage to the company’s aircraft history.

On the inside, refined wooden paneling is complemented by a contemporary herringbone or hand-laid unidirectional carbon-fiber weave, as well as carbon sport seats in British hide.

And despite the nostalgic feel, the Bullet has all the modern conveniences we crave: a multi-touch screen on the dash, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity,  and screen-mirroring for mobile and navigation apps. Living up to its name, the Bullet can hit 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds and tops out at around 155 mph.

Under the hood, she’s sporting a 4.8-I V8 Hercules engine with 370 HP and a torque of 370 lb-ft.

She’ll go the distance, and she’ll take you there in comfort and style.

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