This BMW ‘Hammerhead’ Will Keep Your Other Bikes Up at Night


November 28, 2017 9:00 am

Aggressive. Powerful. Likely to frighten small children.

That’s the hammerhead shark in a nutshell.

It’s also the name of this new BMW R100/7 from Dresden-based Hookie Co., a toothsome custom build that attempts to recreate its namesake’s powerful, minimal lines — as well as its endless pursuit of prey, which in this case means the open road.

To achieve this, Hookie Co. gave their one-off BMW build a maintenance-free shaft drive and moved its battery and all other electronic components underneath the bike’s transmission and tank.

Hammerhead BMW (6 images)

Those touches were then complemented by installing a handmade steel tube rear frame, a lowered front end completed with LED headlights and spotlights, and a pair of all-terrain tires.

Already bound for a small farm in the Austrian Alps, Hookie Co. says their hammerhead will “spend its life illuminating dark valleys and hunting down stock bikes for breakfast.”

As well as haunting our dreams, in a good way.

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