Bloodhound Supersonic Car Is for Sale, Continues to Seek Land Speed Record

The project's next goal: 800 mph

Bloodhound LSR supersonic car
Not unlike a certain Tracy Chapman song, this is a fast car.
Ewen/Bloodhound Land Speed Record

Earlier this month came the news that an ambitious restoration project was underway for the 1980 Aston Martin Bulldog, with the goal of cracking the 200 mph barrier. That’s impressive in its own right, but it’s not the only canine-themed automobile looking to set new marks in the world of speed. There’s also the Bloodhound, part of the Bloodhound Land Speed Record Project, which has reached the already impressive mark of 628 mph.

If that sounds intriguing and you happen to have large amounts of cash to invest in a supersonic car, it’s worth mentioning that the Bloodhound is currently for sale. The next stage for the project involves modifications capable of taking it up to 800 mph.

At Smithsonian Magazine, Theresa Machemer has more information on both the car and the planned sale. The Bloodhound project has been around since 2007; in 2018, businessman Ian Warhurst purchased it. The pandemic, Machemer reports, created a number of delays for the Bloodhound team and depleted Warhurst’s own resources.

“[I]t’s time for me to pass the baton to someone else to complete the job,” Warhurst told the BBC.

On the project’s page focusing on the sale, Warhurst added an ominous comment about the future of the project if a buyer cannot be found. “At this stage, in absence of further, immediate, funding, the only options remaining are to close down the program or put the project up for sale to allow me to pass on the baton and allow the team to continue the project,” he said.

At this stage, it would be a shame to see the Bloodhound’s monumental run come to an end. Hopefully a new buyer will show up at some point soon, enabling this crew to reach their desired milestone.

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