The Supersonic Car That Was Supposed to Break 1,000 MPH Is Up for Sale

Some maintenance required

December 14, 2018 9:00 am

The 10-year-old dream of Andy Green to beat his own land-speed record of 714 mph is finally dead: the Bloodhound “supersonic” car his team has spent the last decade trying to outfit to specs that could surpass the 1,000-mph mark has run out of cash.

The good news? It’s now looking for a new owner.

The Bloodhound was supposedly 98% complete in 2015, but had its finish date pushed back — twice. The engineering team behind the Bloodhound did some beautiful work attaching a jet engine to the streamlined body, but funding eventually dried up, and now it’s on the market for just $315,000 — about the same price as an affordable supercar.

Unfortunately, the Rolls-Royce-built Eurofighter engine was on loan from the British Royal Air Force, just one of several costs requiring the approximated $31.6 million a new owner would need to have the car running at its record-breaking speed. Considering the Supercar also has no reverse, the widest U-turn imaginable and those hideous Craigslist wheels attached, you might better off letting Elon Musk sink his money into this doomed project and strapping a yourself to a jet engine in hopes of breaking Green’s record instead.

Image via Bloodhound

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