Bikes and Boards That Look as Good as They Coast

Whither the artisanal athletic gear?

By The Editors
July 16, 2015 9:00 am

Slap the word “artisanal” in front of something and you’ve got yourself a business plan in this town.

Artisanal drinks. Artisanal toast. Artisanal fitness.

But whence the artisanal athletic gear?

Any fleece-jacketed night out in the Marina will tell you we still privilege function over form on that front.

Which is why we’d like to refer you to GS Cicleria, a one-man operation making hand-formed bikes that are as sleek and sophisticated as their Italian inspirations.

Owner Gabriel Salcedo grew up restoring vintage bikes in his family’s shop in San Diego. Now he retrofits “Golden Era” rides out of his own workshop in Oakland.

Hand-stitched leather handlebars? Custom, made-in-California maple and walnut velo stands? Vintage jerseys that are handpicked to separate the stylish from the mundane?

He’s got it. So give his catalogue a going-over.

Not into cycling?

Try the state’s best-looking — and most meticulously crafted — bodysurfing hand-planes, produced by Ventana Supplies co-owner Martijn Stiphout. (Editor’s note: Yeah, we know it looks like they’re mostly sold out. But give ’em a call — they work to order.)

Like your board on terra firma? Scrap Dog Skateboards make sticks from upcycled hardwoods in a studio in Dogpatch.

So leave the fleece at home.

Go artisanal.

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