Behind the Scenes at the Stuttgart Porsche Museum

From the lens of one lucky SOB

By The Editors
November 23, 2015 9:00 am

It sounds like the heading of a scene in the next Ocean’s movie:

Interior: A secret warehouse in the bowels of the Stuttgart Porsche Museum — Night.

Except there’s no Clooney, Pitt or Damon to be seen around here. Just a fleet of priceless special-edition vintage models from the most consistently high-performing marque in the vehicular game.

The museum showcases more than 80 of Porsche’s most iconic models, a bucket-list-worthy stop for car lovers in itself, but — as with most collections — the really good stuff is in the back.

Photographer Steffen Jahn was granted a rare pass to go behind the scenes in the hidden warehouse and what he found was the perfect confluence of car porn and things-organized-neatly smut: stacks on stacks of the most priceless editions Porsche has ever produced.

Cruise our top picks from Jahn below.

via designboom // Images courtesy Steffen Jahn

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