Bandit9 Is in the Business of Dream Machines. Here’s Their Latest.

Would you believe us if we told you it used to be a Honda?

November 10, 2016 9:00 am

When builders aren’t confined to pesky things like timeframes, trends or road regulations, some magnificent things can happen.

Case in point, the newest ride from Bandit9: EDEN.

The Saigon-based makers continue to set the bar higher and higher for themselves. They release new models at happenstance, taking time to consider a new bike’s place in the contemporary motorcycling landscape (or at least how to completely and totally undermine its conventions) before moving forward with production. And even compared to their last release, the stunning EVE MK II, we’d say they’ve gone and outdone themselves.

Philippine-born Daryl Villanueva, the creator of Bandit9, built EDEN off of a ‘67 Honda Supersport with a 125cc engine, though just a trace of the OG parts remain intact. The unibody is formed from continuous handcrafted steel; note the artful exhaust with a glassy finish running slightly below the seat. Plated in a spellbinding Champagne gold or chrome, the ride is accented with a black marble gas cap cut and polished from a Tuscan slab and finished with a seat of hand-stitched cognac brown Italian leather.

Only nine units will be produced at a cost of $11,900 for the gold and $10,950 for the chrome. But this bike is more a collector’s item; the EDEN is poetry in motion.  

via designboom

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