Auto Fabrica’s Bespoke Scramblers Are Ideal for City-to-Track Riding

Give an off-road Yamaha a streetwise makeover. Rinse. Repeat.

July 9, 2018 9:00 am

Only thing better than one pristine off-road bike ready to hit the trails? Two.

Auto Fabrica is a bespoke motorcycle company that was started by two London-area brothers in 2013. The pair design, model and manufacture beautiful handmade motorcycles according to their and client’s ambitious, aesthetic-driven visions.

A perfect example isn’t hard to find: for one client, Auto Fabrica took two straightforward Yamaha SR500 frames as the base to make this formidable pair of café-racer-styled off-roaders. The 7E and 7D both have rebuilt and refined engines, and also feature handmade “sand-bent” exhausts, which they’ve positioned higher than normal on the frame so the bikes can power through high water or tricky ground terrain. Also note the slightly slimmer tires: they’re not scary-burly, making the bike a city-friendly ride as well (read: not full-blown Motocross).

Autofabrica (3 images)

While most of their builds have an old-school, classic style, one of the most notable concepts from Auto Fabrica is the Type 11 (pictured below): it’s the first contemporary build to come out of the shop and so far has been released in only limited numbers. By now the design is three iterations in and has only gotten more sleek and TRON-like each round. Countless colorway and finish options are available, and the design is subject to further evolve beyond the early prototypes.

Like what you see? Head over to Auto Fabrica’s website for news and info on all their latest builds.

H/t Airows

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