Aston Martin Brings Ultra Luxury Customization to Manhattan

Q New York is Aston Martin’s first dedicated space for bespoke car configuration

shelf filled with colorful car and clothing-related items behind a long table.
The new NYC shop is a luxury sports car lover's heaven
Aston Martin

Heads-up, luxury sports car lovers: Aston Martin is setting up shop in NYC, and it’s bringing Q with it. Aston Martin has been associated with the James Bond films ever since the fictional super spy drove the iconic DB5 in 1964’s Goldfinger, starring Sean Connery. There have been other Aston Martin vehicles and connections in the series since, and the, (ahem) bond, between the two is so strong that it’s become cliché to bring up 007 whenever there’s anything new from Aston Martin. 

This becomes unavoidable, however, when Aston Martin chose to name its personalization division after the secret agent’s gadget-crafting quartermaster, or Q for short. Like Bond, Q outfits customers with their own bespoke Aston Martin vehicle, and Q New York will be its newest headquarters. “This location is really a game changer,” Marek Reichman, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Aston Martin told InsideHook. 

Car under chandelier next to big windows.
The store will provide a more sophisticated personalization experience than anywhere in the world
Aston Martin
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Located at 450 Park Avenue, Q New York is Aston Martin’s first ultra-luxury flagship location that will provide a more sophisticated personalization experience than anywhere in the world. Blending physical and digital car configuration, clients of Q will be able to visualize their creations on a 35 by 10-foot LED wall. The ultra-high def wall screen will provide 360-degree views of any Aston clients can dream up. It sure beats hunching in front of a computer monitor and going through an online configurator. 

There are a number of physical samples representing interior leather and exterior paint options, all of which can be immediately added to the virtual model on the wall, thanks to NFC (near-field communication) tags within each sample. Not satisfied with any of the myriad samples? Then Aston Martin will connect to the Gaydon, UK facility to speak to a designer directly, who can, in real time, make any custom additions and then send them back to the display in New York. 

The outside of Q New York will draw people in with its “Champagne frame” window installation, made with one of the largest single panes of glass ever installed into a NYC building. Along with the customized concierge service, the location will display some unique and oft-unseen Aston Martin vehicles. It will be the place to see the latest products when they launch, like the all-new DB12 and the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar, which makes its North American debut at the venue. 

Interior lounge area of Aston Martin's new store.
The modern lounge has touches of British Racing Green
Aston Martin

In general, the space is a cozy, modern lounge with touches of British Racing Green, marble and dark wood, all evocative of Aston Martin’s English heritage. Beyond a place to configure the ultimate Aston Martin, the space can act as a respite for busy customers looking for a quiet place to work or hold meetings. 

Q New York is currently open to customers by appointment only, but that shouldn’t stop you from swinging down to gawk longingly at the Valkyrie in the window. 

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