Aston Martin Is Teaming Up With Lucid For Its Electric Vehicles

Aston Martin's partnership with Mercedes-Benz will continue as well

Lucid and Aston Martin team up
Aston Martin and Lucid are working on electric vehicles together.
Lucid Motors

In an interview on the podcast Keen On late last year, Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson suggested that Lucid’s future plans included licensing its electric vehicle technology to other automakers. At the time, he didn’t provide specifics on who those automakers might be, but an announcement this week has brought at least one partnership into focus. In short, Aston Martin has ambitious electric vehicle plans — and Lucid’s technology will play a critical role there.

Upcoming electric vehicles from Aston Martin will utilize Lucid’s battery and powertrain technology. Aston Martin plans to have its first electric vehicles from this partnership available in 2025, with the stated goal of having a fully electric range of vehicles by 2030.

The official announcement features leaders at both companies saying highly complimentary things about their partners in this venture. Aston Martin’s executive chairman, Lawrence Stroll, said, “Based on our strategy and requirements, we selected Lucid, gaining access to the industry’s highest performance and most innovative technologies for our future BEV products.”

For his part, Rawlinson had similar things to say about the arrangement. “In line with its strategy, Aston Martin selected Lucid, recognizing the profound benefits of adopting its world-leading electric drivetrain technology, exemplified by the breakthrough 516-mile EPA-estimated range achieved by the Lucid Air Grand Touring,” he said in a statement.

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According to their own announcement, Aston Martin plans to continue its current partnership with Mercedes-Benz as well. “Along with Mercedes-Benz, we now have two world-class suppliers to support the internal development and investments we are making to deliver our electrification strategy,” Stroll said in a statement.

It’s a big step forward for both automakers — and one that gives a better sense of how Lucid’s technology might be applied in the future.

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