Aston Martin Redefines ‘Exclusive’ With a $2.6M One-Off

Two of 'em actually. So two-offs.

October 16, 2017 9:00 am

You could take the cool few million you have lying around and put it towards a splashy, fast Valkyrie.

But any ol’ millionaire could do that.

And that’s something Aston Martin knows. They also know that many a man value exclusivity over show-horsing.

Which is why they’ve brought back the one-offs, sort of.

Back in 2013, in celebration of their 100th anniversary, the manufacturer created the breathtaking CC100 Speedster. And now the model has reemerged.

aston martin (5 images)

Aston CEO Andy Palmer announced that the pony will go into production again in a highly limited capacity and, not surprisingly, with a serious price tag to match.

For $2.6m, Aston will be producing just two Speedsters a year. So — more like two-offs. But even an approved candidate will still have to wait in line. The first four slots have already been filled making for a two-year wait.

Furthermore, if you’d like to get a peek at a completed Speedster, join the club. Palmer also hinted that they would not being doing any public reveals. So, if you need us we’ll be scouring all the playboy car and yacht shows until further notice.

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