After Restoring ’80s Supercar, Aston Martin Will Again Try For 200 MPH

The rebuilding process is currently underway

Aston Martin Bulldog
The Bulldog was a one-off testbed left-hand-drive vehicle built in the United Kingdom.
SSPL via Getty Images

Some cars are described as singular. For the 1980 Aston Martin Bulldog, that description applies both figuratively and literally. A powerful concept car with a mid-engine configuration, the Bulldog’s maximum speed was a very impressive 237 miles per hour. Note the sleek design as well; the car is all of 43 inches tall, features gullwing doors and has a quintet of headlights.

Only one of its kind exists, and the sole Bulldog built never crossed a dramatic threshold — namely, 200 miles per hour. When it was put through its paces at the MIRA test track, the maximum speed recorded there was 191 miles per hour. All of which begs the question: would the Bulldog ever be able to take another crack at a land speed milestone?

According to a new article at AutoBlog, the answer is a resounding yes. Classic Motor Cars is in the midst of restoring the Bulldog at the behest of its current owner. Also involved with the project are Darren Turner, of the Aston Martin Racing Team, and Richard Gauntlett, son of onetime Aston Martin executive chairman Victor Gauntlett.

Classic Motor Cars provided a statement to the effect that the car is currently in the midst of being restored. According to AutoBlog, the goal is to have it back up and running by year’s end. Once the restoration is complete — with the addition of an internal roll bar, because safety is important — the team will once again attempt to crack the 200 mph barrier. And, hopefully, they’ll do it in style.

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