A Four-Door Lamborghini Lookalike Wants to Be the Fastest Electric on Earth

Not your average grocery getter

March 24, 2017 9:00 am

The days of “bigger is better” are no more in the automotive world.

Now everybody wants faster. And Swiss automaker Elextra knows it.

The manufacturer has released its plan for the fastest-accelerating car ever. The electric ride is touted to zip 0-62 mph in less than 2.3 seconds … at least according to teasers. That kind of insanity would best the Ludicrous mode Tesla Model S P100D, which can run up to 60 mph in a slightly less colossal 2.4 seconds.

“The idea behind Elextra is to combine pure lines reminding of the most exciting Italian supercars of the past, whilst being resolutely forward looking thanks to its low, sleek and beautiful design, paired with today’s most advanced technology,” design Robert Palm said. And you can trust the man. His handiwork produced the dizzyingly hot Lyonheart K sports car.

Beyond speed, we know that the Elextra will have an all-wheel drive system and — unconventionally, for a supercar — feature four doors and four seats.

Just 100 makes are scheduled to come off the line. More details to follow.

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