Move Over, Land Cruiser: We’ve Got an Alfa Romeo Safari Car

It's got Bronco and Defender DNA, so you know it's good

December 1, 2017 9:00 am

Sometimes when life hands you lemons, you make ‘em into an Alfa Romeo Safari.

That’s what brothers Iliya and Nikita Briden did when their ‘74 Alfa Romeo 105 GTV was beaten to hell after it somehow dropped off the back of a flatbed truck on the way to the mechanic.After dealing with the insurance company (and likely swearing off AAA for life), the brothers decided to salvage their Italian-born road racer by turning it into a safari vehicle.

To do it, they built and installed a custom roof rack, outfitted the car with more aggressive tires and modified the suspension with custom parts and salvaged Bronco and Defender components.

Alfa (5 images)

The one thing the brothers didn’t have to mess with was the engine, as they had already rebuilt it with high-compression pistons and other add-ons about eight months before the accident. Although in the video below detailing the rebuild and showing off what the Safari can do now, Iliya says to the camera: “A project’s never done.”

If that’s the case, we can’t wait to see which of their cars falls off the truck next.

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