6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bike, Stat

Yellow jersey not included.

By The Editors
July 24, 2015 9:00 am

The Tour de France rolls to its conclusion early Sunday morning. (Set your alarm for 3 a.m. if you plan on watching the traditionally academic final stage.) To observe the occasion, we surveyed our favorite Bay Area shop owners for their top gear picks. Outfit your ride accordingly.

“The Wolverine Adventure touring bike (pictured above) was actually a collaboration between our shop and local bike maker Soma Fabrications. It fits 29″ mountain bike tires — unusual for a drop bar bike — but it has traditional cyclocross-inspired geometry, so it’s quick and fun to ride on dirt or pavement.”

— Evan Baird, American Cyclery

“We love the Spurcycle bells, built by two brothers. Clean, simple and very well received by all enthusiasts.”

— Brad Suhr, Calistoga Bike Shop

“Our distinctive wood grain helmet and the smartest, automatic, beautifully designed, theft-proof light. Also this elegant fender made from recycled skateboards and the dapper Argyle cuff, which launched in our store yesterday.”

— Jefferson McCarley, Mission Bicycle Company

Pitlocks are stainless steel locking skewers and nuts which replace quick-releases on wheels, seats, and other parts that thieves like to steal. It might not seem like a cool piece of gear, but they are the best there is.”

— Barry Luck, Changing Gears

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