Drake Just Bought a Preposterous ‘5,000-HP’ Emirati Hypercar

Naturally, we had to learn more

July 9, 2018 9:00 am

Slight amendment to Drake’s endlessly quoted “God’s Plan” line:

“I only love my bed and my mama and my brand-new, 5,000-HP hypercar from Dubai, I’m sorry.” 

Yes, you read that correctly. The Canadian rapper just bought a certifiably insane auto called the Devel Sixteen, a long-rumored, fighter-jet-inspired hypercar that has apparently finally made it through myriad design and production hurdles just in time to be delivered to Drake’s doorstep in Toronto. 

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The Devel Sixteen has drawn scorn since its “debut” at the Dubai Motor Show in 2013, in which it sat, gleamed and claimed a capability of 0-60 in 1.8 seconds, along with a top speed of nearly 350 MPH. That’s a bit like your uncle claiming he could beat Usain Bolt in a footrace. But five years removed from that showcase, Devel still touts a 12.3-liter, V16 engine, with assurances of 300-MPH+ performance. Hmm…

But if you choose to ignore the reported numbers, chalk the whole thing up to a particularly poetic metaphor for the city of Dubai and instead just judge the Devel by its otherworldy lines, it can’t really let you down. 

And does anything else really matter when it’s in Drake’s hands? It seems unlikely the artist formerly known as Wheelchair Jimmy will go open it up on the Autobahn any time soon.

Although, surprise, surprise: it did make an appearance in his latest music video.

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