4 Exotic Cars That Make the Right Statement

I.e., not “I’m overcompensating.”

By The Editors
November 11, 2015 9:00 am

Lamborghini. Ferrari. Maserati.

Exotic carmakers that do high-performance so well the mere mention of their name makes right feet flex and hairs stand on end.

One thing they don’t do well? Subtlety.  

Whence the fast and feral car for a gentleman interested in a lesser measure of ostentation? Where might he find automobiles that lack neither in style nor their ability to mainline adrenaline directly into the bloodstream?

Here, of course.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (QV)2

You’re probably thinking, “But that’s a sedan.” It sure is. It’s the sedan. Zero-to-sixty in 3.9 seconds and the fastest lap time at the Nürburgring of any sedan ever. Not sold? It was also faster than the Pagani Zonda C12 S, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Lamborghini’s Murciélago LP640. That’s serious under-the-radar performance for a car that is likely priced just a biscuit north of $90k.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous Speed Upgrade

Tesla’s most recent Model S offering has elevated the car’s capabilities beyond fast. How fast? Zero-to-sixty in 2.8 seconds fast. That makes this the 14th quickest-accelerating production car ever made, and you can snag one at 1/10th the price of some of its competitors.  Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before Mr. Musk “goes to plaid.”

Eagle Speedster

Eagle spent almost 30 years restoring and improving original Jaguar E-Types before trying their hand at their own updated, bespoke version. The Eagle Speedster looks like an E-Type, is based on an E-Type, but is absolutely not an E-Type. Modern minivans can now outperform sports cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s like the original Jag in question. The Eagle Speedster, however, does 0-60 in 5 seconds with a power-to-weight ratio better than that of a Porsche 911 Turbo. The Speedster is a car for all five senses. It is also a car for people with five zeroes at the end of their annual HHI, because while Eagles fly free, they don’t fly for free. The Speedster will set you back a staggering $750,000.

Singer Porsche 911 4.0

Singer Vehicle Design builds 911 bodies on 964 chassis. They up the power. They improve the handling — stability, steering, braking. And they create comfort in a car known for quite the opposite. Absolutely everything Singer touches is made beautiful … and Singer touches absolutely everything. Their bespoke creations are fine art on wheels with a price tag to match. After you donate a 964 to be transformed, a process which will take a year, prices start at $400k. The Targa is $600k. But after you blow your bonus, you’ll be in the cockpit of a car that performs along the lines of the new 991 GT3 RS and is as close to vehicular perfection as you’ve ever dared imagine.

—Colin Sweeney

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