So These Motorcycles Figured Out How to Fly

The Twistair gyrocopter is slated to arrive in 2018

One of the best parts of owning a motorcycle is being able to snake into places that a standard vehicle couldn’t reach.

But even they will only get you so far.

If you want to bolt seriously far and wide, you’re going to need to take to the skies.

Coming soon, something special melding the best of both worlds: From Artur Trendak Aviation and Polish-based 2sympleks comes the Twistair two-seater tandem gyrocopter. In plain English, it’s a flying motorcycle.

After years of testing and consulting, the company’s first prototypes are taking flight. And they’re scheduled to hit the market come the first quarter of 2018.

Twistair (9 images)

The fun machine will be available in three variations: naked with a front window only, a quasi-open kit and a fully covered kit with encapsulating cockpit. Open, of course, is going to give one more of that wind through the hair, bugs in the teeth freedom of a standard motorcycle, while the closed cockpit feels a bit more like a standard ‘copter.

And while flying motorcycles are not new as new can be. Some tinkerers are even building their own out of old Suzukis. They’re still a modern marvel and, thereby, likely to set you back more than a few bucks.

The price of the Twistair has yet to be announced, but standard gyrocopters on the market now start at around $5,000. And that is not including the flight training, which, seriously, you should get, for the birds’ sake and to save your own mile-high hide.

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