No Electric Tricycle Should Be This Cool

It looks like a museum piece, but it's road-ready

October 19, 2016 9:00 am

What do you get when you cross a Citroën 2CV with a Doniselli Duomo cargo tricycle?

We don’t know, but sure looks nice.

In a move possibly inspired by The Human Centipede, Italian bike designer Luca Agnelli decided the back end of a 1929 Duomo had to be united with the front end of a 1980 2CV, so he grafted them together to create a new three-wheeler that he calls the 2CV-Paris.

In addition to its unique yet classically familiar look, what sets the Doniselli-Citroën hybrid apart is the 250-watt electric rear hub motor, 36-volt Panasonic battery pack, six-speed transmission LED lighting system and Brooks saddle that Agnelli installed on the distinctive vehicle.

While the electric pedal-assist system — along with touches like 26-inch tires and rear disc brakes — marks the 2CV-Paris as inherently modern, its basic steel frame and original Citroën front suspension harken back to days gone by, before anyone dreamed of gluten-free baguettes.

We’d wager the trike will cost enough francs to shake a French fry at, but feel free to find out.

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