Meet the ’63 Ferrari GTO That Just Brought in a Cool $70M at Auction

The most expensive car ever boasts a serious racing pedigree

June 4, 2018 9:00 am

A 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO just sold at auction (from noted Ferrari collector Marcel Massini to car floormats mogul David MacNeil) for the yes-you-read-that-right sum of $70M.

If that pricetag sounds preposterous (it is) or elicits questions of how many other vintage autos MacNeil could’ve purchased with that money (a lot), keep in mind the Ferrari GTO is the indisputable class of car collecting: this exact model sold five years ago for $52M.


Both models were untouchable racing studs in the ’60s, and only 39 were ever made. So any model that A) experienced success all those years ago, and B) never crashed, is near-God-level, as auto desirability goes. This particular chassis, decked in silver with yellow stripes, finished fourth at Le Mans in its 1963 debut, and first at (the more than 30 years defunct) Tour de France Automobile in 1964.

As for anyone else with a Ferrari 250 GTOs in the garage right now: expect the asking price to balloon past nine figures in the near future. But for now, $70M rules the roost.

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