What This E-Trike Lacks in Wheels It Makes Up for in the Wallet Region

It's about one-seventh the price of the cheapest Tesla

October 10, 2016 9:00 am

Solar panels are prudent but pricy. Teslas are cool but costly. And the juice at Whole Foods, while worth the squeeze, will cost you some dough.

Point being: going green takes a lot of greenbacks.

California entrepreneur Storm Sondors — who made his mark with a $499 e-bike — is familiar with the situation and wants to make the cost of becoming eco-conscious a non-prohibitive one. To that end, he recently founded the Sondors Electric Car Company, and intends to start building a three-wheeled electric car with enough room for three that will be priced at just $10,000.

Available in three different models that will offer a 50-, 100- or 200-mile range, the Model Sondors e-car will feature an aluminum body and a lithium-ion battery pack that can be “charged by plugging it into the same outlet you plug a smartphone into every day.”

The firm intends to build a prototype model within a year of its initial fundraising campaign and anticipates that at least 120,000 units will be ordered during presales.

“We are creating an electric car that makes sense to the average person,” according to the company. “As we did with our electric bike, we’re taking something elitist, over-engineered, and overpriced and turning it into something real, simple to use, and practical.”

Learn more about the campaign in the video below and, if you so choose, you can invest here.

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