Deal: Don't Have a Hand-Wound Watch? Get the Marlin While It's on Sale.

The reissued ‘60s watch adds some much-appreciated tactility

Timex Marlin Hand-Wound Watches in blue and green
Timex included its two newest editions of the Marlin Hand-Wound watch in the sale.
By Alex Lauer / May 29, 2020 10:51 am

Swipe. Scroll. Double tap. These are the tactile actions that make up much of our days, with the technology we use far surpassing our understanding. (What goes on underneath the screen of your smartphone? It’s a mystery.) Even most traditional watches, those wrist-worn relics of a bygone era, are made to set it and forget it.

If you have a penchant for learning how things work, want to reconnect with your technology or just want to wear a watch that doesn’t feel like a smaller iPhone, you need a hand-wound model. Specifically, you need the Marlin Hand-Wound from Timex, a reissued ‘60s timepiece that’s currently 20% off with code SUNNY20 in the newest stainless-steel/blue and gold-tone/green colorways.

What’s a hand-wound watch? Just like it sounds, to get it ticking you’ll actually need to turn the crown. It’s a mechanical watch, no batteries here, but unlike most automatic models you are providing the power instead of a rotor. You’ll need to suss out how much you need to turn the crown to last a whole 24 hours (you don’t want to over-wind it), and then do it again every morning, turning your timepiece into a daily ritual instead of a lifeless accessory.

If you don’t have any desire to learn about clockwork, then Timex has plenty of other non-hand wound models on sale too. And if you don’t care about the sale, just pick up a new Q Timex because they’re cool as hell.

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