Vehicles | October 27, 2017 9:00 am

Yamaha Is Dead Serious About Putting Its Tilting Trike Into Production

It's fall-proof. Sort of.

The rules of the road were made to be broken.

Or, as is the case with a new high-performance bike Yamaha is showing off, at least tilted a little off center.

A sweat-inducing build with four forks, three wheels and two handlebars, Yamaha is classifying the Niken as a “large-displacement leaning multi-wheeler” (LMW) that has the “capability to freely carve through the continuous corners of winding roads.”

In other words, keeping all three wheels on the road is no longer mandatory.

Niken (9 images)

Powered by a liquid-cooled three-cylinder, the Niken is designed for steadfast stability on any road surface it comes across thanks to the innovative dual-tube forks on its front-end suspension and the 15-inch front wheels they’re mated to.

Yamaha has been pretty mum on other details, but it seems they fully intend for the Niken to become a production model.

We should get more details after the Milan Motorcycle Show on November 6th, but until then …