Vehicles | October 23, 2018 9:00 am

This DIY Conversion Kit Will Turn Your Honda Super Cub Electric

The world's most popular bike, now more enduring than ever

By The Editors

Make no mistake, the dawn of the electric chopper is upon us.

Bikes from Zero, Tarform and Onyx will soon manuever from production onto roads and into the public consciousness. Begs a question, though: What happens to the classics in a brave new world of silent, knifing, energy-conscious two-wheelers? Like that one currently sitting on a stand in your garage? 

Shanghai Motors might have the answer. Intent on “bringing pretrolhead heritage into the Age of the Electric,” Shanghai now sells a conversion kit that’ll help you turn your Honda Super Cub — aka the most popular motorcycle ever produced — into a Honda Super eCub.

honda ecub (4 images)

Offered for Honda’s C70, C90 and C50 models, the eCub conversion kit is the Ironman of Sunday afternoon DIY, a project that should only be attempted by serious gearheads, and probably with the help of a friend or two plus a bike stand. Transforming an iconic gas guzzler takes time, and a laundry list of parts, including (but definitely not limited to) an electric motor, charger, battery box, switches, wire throttles, looms and enough screws, packers and washers to make Home Depot blush. 

But any committed to the transformation will be rewarded with a fully-functioning electric bike. One that welds the incomparable 20th-century pedigree of the world’s favorite bike with the 21st-century performance of an energy-conscious vehicle. That’s a weekend well spent. And at $2,799, it’ll save you a small fortune from buying one of the much-ballyhooed new kids on the block. 

For more information on acquiring the conversion kit, head here