Vehicles | August 22, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s One Way to Ruin a Perfectly Good Mercedes-Maybach S600

Add money. Subtract taste. Stir.

As an Angeleno who lives close to Beverly Hills, I’ve got thick skin when it comes to obnoxious displays of wealth.

To wit: there’s a college kid who arrives at my gym in a Maserati he parks at the passenger pick up. He also uses six towels when showering, despite signs asking members to limit towel usage. (To be fair, his parents are probably to blame, but that’s not the point.)

The point is I’m certain that he would love Scaldarsi Motors’ new Emperor I.

It is a car fit for a person with more money than good sense. Just look at it: a Mercedes Maybach S600 retrofitted with gold, lacquered wood and more bling than a Kardashian Christmas card that comes with matching luggage, gold champagne flutes and probably a gift certificate to the Botox clinic.

I’m sure I’ll see one cruising the streets of L.A. in no time.