By Kirk Miller / January 15, 2019 9:00 am

Well, they finally built The Wall. Several versions, actually.

After debuting at 2018’s Consumer Electronics Show to rapturous response — including from InsideHook — Samsung has recently been taking orders for its 146-inch, 80mm MicroLED set known as “The Wall.” Not content to stop there, the company just intro’d like-minded 75-inch and 219-inch versions (“The Window”) of the 4K set at this year’s CES.

As a reminder, The Wall’s big feature (besides its gargantuan size) was its use of MicroLEDs: basically pixel-sized light-emitting bulbs that shine brighter than regular LEDs. This eliminates the need for color filters or a backlight, and they’re allegedly more durable than LEDs or LCDs while using less power. Plus, multiple sets (of any size Samsung MicroLED) can be linked together to create even bigger walls, presumably to meet the growing demand for in-home Jumbotrons.

As of now, orders of The Wall are apparently limited to businesses and haven’t been publicized, while consumer editions of all the Wall and Window models are still TBD. In any event, they’re still more interesting than the cool but unnecessary 8K TVs that were all the rage at this year’s CES.

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Photo: Samsung