Travel | October 12, 2016 9:00 am

This 2,257-Foot Sightseeing Escalator Just Opened in China

You must be at least this lazy to ride this ride

China might not really go in for letting its citizens use the internet or keeping track of its elderly population, but the country seems pretty big on building Great Wall-sized tourist destinations.  

To complement some of its other grandiose builds, China erected a 2,257-foot-long sightseeing escalator — the world’s longest such structure —  in the Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei province.

Built from sustainable wood, tile, steel and concrete, the eco-conscious central China attraction has the ability to move 7,300 tourists through the scenic canyon per hour and costs $3 per ride.

The escalator opened earlier this month and project backers anticipate it will carry 300,000 guests each year, according to China Daily. 

While it is undoubtedly a massive feat for engineering, we can’t help but bristle a little at the idea of riding an escalator through nature. It may have been built with some eco-consciousness, but can they really promise that the perpetual noise and machinery — to say nothing of the 300K people a year — won’t adversely affect the surrounding ecosystems? We’re skeptical. 

But if you do find yourself aboard the escalator one day, heed this word to the wise: Don’t be like NBA player Bobby Brown at the Great Wall and tag your name. You’ll regret it.