Travel | March 29, 2019 9:00 am

The US Airports Most Likely to Cancel Your Flight, Ranked

Joe Biden once said LGA felt like a “Third World country”

Nobody’s-favorite-airport LaGuardia may be going through billions of dollars in improvements and renovation, but there’s one thing it might not be able to fix: actually getting you on your flight.

That’s the conclusion reached by travel insurance site InsureMyTrip, which used U.S. Department of Transportation statistics to analyze the number of flight cancellations at every U.S. airport with 18,500 or more scheduled flight in 2018. No surprise, New York’s LaGuardia had the highest percentage of canceled flights for the second year in a row, with just over four percent of flights called off (the average cancel rate for all U.S. airports is 1.62%).

The lowest percentage of cancelations? Salt Lake City.

A few other fun facts: airports in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale showed marked improvement from a year earlier. The worst 19 airports were all within states on the East Coast, with Cleveland at #20 breaking the trend. And, no surprise, severe weather was to blame for most cancellations in 2018, with InsureMyTrip singling out Hurricanes Florence and Michael, along with Winter Storm Grayson.

InsureMyTrip notes that while most airlines try to rebook passengers from canceled flights as soon as possible, they are not required to reimburse travelers for losses (hint: buy travel insurance).

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash