Underwater Room

Sleep with the fishes.

“It’s an old Sicilian message,” you hear yourself reciting from The Godfather, nervously covering your throat.

But fathom this instead: an underwater hotel room in a luxury resort, with 360-degree views of the ocean’s most colorful sealife, all from the comfort of your bed.

Welcome to the Underwater Room, just opened and taking reservations now.

This aquatic lodging is located at Manta Resort on the lush Pemba Island, a secluded drop of paradise off the shores of Zanzibar, a territory that — fun fact — produces most of the world’s cloves.

You’re not here for cloves.

Underwater Room

The water room, crafted by Swedish conceptual artist Mikael Genberg (next up: a room on the moon), is part of a three-level private island located 800 feet off shore and protected by a vast coral reef.

Top floor is where you’ll do your sunbathing, dining and stargazing. Maybe go out for a kayak trip.

The bottom floor, 15 feet below the water’s surface: lie in bed and stare agape at the shoals of reef fish. At night, some curious squid and octopuses may stop by to stare.

Sleep with near the fishes.