Travel | March 29, 2017 9:00 am

This App Instantly Solves All Your Air-Travel Conundrums

All for about the cost of a sandwich

Stressful, unpredictable times, these.

And that’s just at the airport.

Your 30-second solution to uncertainty in the air: Freebird, a mobile app that’ll rebook you on any airline or flight if your travels are delayed, canceled or disrupted by means beyond your control.

All for the cost of a soggy airport sandwich.

Basically, Freebird (make your Skynyrd jokes now, old man) replaces long lines, call centers and, if you use travel insurance, a lot of fees and after-the-fact paperwork.

How it works:

  1. Buy your ticket. Enter your flight details into Freebird.
  2. Purchase Freebird for your trip ($19 one-way, $34 round trip) up to two days before you leave.
  3. If your flight is canceled or “significantly delayed” (you’ll receive a text alert on your phone), just book a new one on your phone in three taps.

You can test it for yourself here.

And, again: this means rebooking on any available flight on any airline for no additional cost. And you’ll still get frequent flyer miles. Freebird also includes missed connections. And if you bought Freebird but the airline comes up with a superior travel solution, the app will give you a $100 gift card.

It’s currently only available for domestic travel, and you’ll have to print out your new ticket and get your luggage.

But other than that? The travel part of your spring/summer travels will now be 100% more relaxing.