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Deal: Take 40% Off Rhone’s All-Purpose Boxer Trunks

Discover all-day comfort

Rhone Essentials Boxer Trunk
Rhone Essentials Boxer Trunks

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Men’s underwear is a fickle beast. At times it cooperates, lending support when your manhood needs it most. But it also bunches in strange places, loses form and becomes unbearable on a humid, muggy day. Or at least it did until we picked up Rhone’s Essentials Boxer Trunks, which just so happen to be 40% off.

Made from a soft blend of cotton, modal and elastane, the Essentials Trunk is purpose-built for extended wear, day and night. Its fitted design through the leg discourages any bunching, even in the midst of movement, and the interior comfort pouch lends support where men need it most. Pick up a few pairs for your underwear rotation, or peruse different colors to diversify your collection.