By Eli London / February 4, 2019

Save $60 on this Versatile, Water-Repelling Jacket

Great for volatile weather conditions, traveling and more

Proof Nova Series Jacket

Nowadays, if you’re living anywhere other than San Diego, the weather in the U.S. from January through April can be a fickle beast.

In New York City last week, we went from 5º-50ºF in a matter of days, not to mention fluctuations in precipitation. Needless to say, this required cycling through a gaggle of coats in a very short period of time. But while there’s no one coat to rule them all, there are some that work well for a variety of climatological situations.

Like: the Nova Series Insulated Jacket from Proof, which is currently marked down to a very reasonable $140.

Proof Nova Series Jacket Product Shot

Buy Now: $139

Proof is a Huckberry-owned house brand (like Flint & Tinder, which we also love) that uses technical fabrics to create performance-based basics. This jacket is ideal for fluctuating winter conditions thanks to a very thin but still incredibly warm layer of insulation. It’s also got four-way-stretch nylon, which makes it great for layering — something you’ll definitely want to do if it’s below freezing outside.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a replacement for your parka, as it’s not really made for subzero temperatures. But thanks to a water-repellent shell, it’s great for those days when you’re not really sure what type of wintry mix you’re going to get … so basically the next three months of our lives.

The jacket’s adaptability also makes it perfect for travel: wear it over a tee to stay comfortable in mild weather, combine it with a henley for anything chilly, and wear it over a hoodie for the coldest days. It also comes with a built-in stow pouch that can double as a pillow in its packed-down state.

Right now it’s over $60 off, so we suggest getting your hands on one immediately.  

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