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From 574 to 990: Which New Balance Lifestyle Sneaker Is Right for You?

Figure out what all those numbers mean once and for all

New Balance lifestyle sneakers
A guide to New Balance model numbers.
New Balance

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Everyone knows New Balance. It’s one the most instantly recognizable shoe brands on earth, responsible for some of the most iconic and classic sneakers ever made. But while you might be able to spot a New Balance sneaker from afar, identifying the exact style number can be a challenge. Seeing as the brand typically assigns numbers to their shoes rather than names, keeping tabs on all the various silhouettes is no easy feat.

And, to be fair, it’s not just the numbers that are similar, but the styles, as well, with many falling into certain “families,” meaning often their designs are seemingly near identical yet have subtle, important differences. In turn, the process of finding just the right New Balance sneaker for you can turn complicated and confusing.

Which is where we come in. To help you more easily navigate the wealth of New Balance’s sneakers and determine which style is best for you, we’ve compiled this guide to the brand’s many options, detailing the differences between each. Included are styles you’re probably already more than familiar with, like the 990, as well as newer introductions from the brand, like their skateboarding shoe the Numeric. Soon you’ll be well-versed in New Balance-speak and capable of differentiating a pair 574s from 997s from a block away.

New Balance 574 in Navy
New Balance


One of the most recognizable silhouettes from the brand, the 574 continues to endure as a classic sneaker, largely keeping the same design as the original released in 1988. Originally designed as a running sneaker, the 574 has found favor as a casual, everyday shoe, thanks to the durable suede-and-mesh uppers and vintage-inspired design. Modern updates like supportive ENCAP midsole cushioning help to ensure it remains a favorite. If you’re in search of the 574s most classic colors, consider checking out the 574 Core, which includes the sneaker in the iconic New Balance grey.

New Balance 990v5 in Grey
New Balance


The original dad shoe, the 990 has experienced a renaissance of sorts that can largely be attributed to a rise in normcore and “dad” fashion, with the brand famously using the tagline “Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio” for their 2019 campaign. Released in 1982, the shoe’s continued popularity is a testament to its classic design and comfort, the chunky sole appealing to a range of ages and aesthetics.

Made in UK and Made in U.S.: 991, 992, 993

For certain sneaker styles, you’ll notice New Balance will have either “Made in UK” or “Made in US” affixed before the style number. Not only does this indicate where the shoe was made, but the differences in construction. In the UK, you’ll find that they often use softer materials, like those found in the 991 below, while the U.S. tends to opt for more heavyweight materials. Both feature premium construction and enhanced comfort. Since these versions tend to be better quality, their price point reflects that.

New Balance 991
New Balance

Made in UK 991

New Balance 992 in Grey
New Balance

Made in U.S. 992

New Balance 997H in Blue
New Balance

Made in U.S. 993

New Balance 996 in Pigment with Varsity Gold
New Balance


The 996 bears some similarities to the 574, its silhouette appearing just slightly more elongated and slimmed down. The leather and suede uppers feature a New Balance heritage-inspired design that sits atop underfoot cushioning and a dual-density EVA midsole that provides both comfort and support.

New Balance 997H in Black
New Balance


A relative of New Balance’s 997 style, the 997H offers a modern, streamlined take on its predecessor’s silhouette. Staying mostly true to the shape and design of the 997, the 997H has a sportier feel, and it’s lighter, too — whereas the 997 uses an Encap midsole, the 997H has a REVLite midsole, a foam compound that’s 30 percent lighter than other foams but delivers the same responsiveness and comfort.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav in White
New Balance

Fresh Foam Roav

As the name would suggest, the Fresh Foam Roavs are one of New Balance’s most comfortable shoes, outfitted with Fresh Foam midsole cushioning that’s precision engineered for the utmost comfort and to provide a lightweight ride. The shoe has a bootie-esque shape, most noticeably at the Ultra Heel, which helps to hug the foot more snugly, thus ensuring a more supportive fit. Other iterations of the sneaker include the Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt, named so for its T-shirt-like comfort and cotton tee-inspired detailing on the laces, and the Fresh Foam Roav Backpack.

New Balance Numeric 379 in Baby Blue
New Balance


New Balance is not only a purveyor of running shoes but skateboarding sneakers, too. The Numeric sneaker boasts a range of different iterations, from the 379 pictured above to the 255 and even a mid version of the 379, but for the most part they stick to the same low-profile and sleek silhouette that’s most conducive to skating. Outfitted with a vulcanized rubber sole for better grip and lace enclosures for a secure fit, it’s a shoe primed for the board but one that both skaters and non-skaters alike can enjoy.

New Balance All Coasts 210 in White with Green
New Balance

All Coasts

The All Coasts are one of the brand’s newer styles, a departure from their typical athletic silhouettes to one that more distinctly falls in the category of a casual lifestyle sneaker. Like the Numeric, the All Coasts include several different styles, most notably the 210s which glean inspiration from classic court sneakers in beachy hues, and the 55s, another simple design that’s crafted from a canvas and suede upper and arrives in a selection of seasonal colors. With colorways largely inspired by coastal living, the All Coasts are ideal for the spring and summer months.

New Balance 237 in Team Red with Pigment
New Balance


Inspired by New Balance’s running shoes of yesteryear, the 237 looks like it belongs to a 1970s track superstar, just updated for the 21st century. The 237 derives inspiration from the brand’s Comp 100, primarily in regards to the outsole, but it scales up the dimensions a bit. Suede and nylon uppers come in contrasting retro colorways that are vibrant and make a statement while asymmetrical paneling helps to create a colorblocked pattern.

New Balance 327 in Covert with Aluminum Green
New Balance


The resemblance to running shoes of the 1970s is immediately evident in the 327’s silhouette. The retro-inspired design is modernized with the addition of details like contemporary uppers in bold and sometimes unusual colorways and, most notably, the oversized N logo that adorns the side of the sneaker. Despite being inspired by running shoes, the 327s are best suited to more leisurely wear, the rubber outsole and contrasting upper adding a dose of ’70s sportiness to your outfits.

New Balance 2002R in Rain Cloud with Carnival
New Balance


The 990v5s might be the ultimate dad sneaker, but the 2002Rs come pretty close, featuring a similarly chunky sole.Where the 990s are an ’80s-inspired shoe, the 2002Rs glean their inspiration from the 2000s. The original version of the sneaker was released in 2010 and was considered to be a premier and high-end running shoe. Reworking the shoe in 2020, the sneaker now has a sleeker design than the original and a new outsole that was taken from the 860v2. If you like the look of the 990s yet want something less ubiquitous, consider the 2002R.

New Balance CT1500 in Moonbeam with White
New Balance


Much like the All Coasts, the CT1500 is a court-inspired sneaker, but it offers a more substantial, athletic look. The upper is made from full-grain leather while the perforations on the toe not only allow for breathability but lend the shoe the feel of a basketball sneaker.