San Francisco | August 26, 2014 9:00 am

Shirt Shrift

The paradox of choice, solved by v-necks!

By The Editors

The day of the humble upstart with Amazonian aspirations is behind us.

As are the days of the brick-and-mortar family legacy business.

There will be no Uber & Sons.

There will be no Seamless Bros. (“What’s for lunch since 1999”).

Today’s the day of fully baking the half-baked idea.

The Yo app.

That thing called Push for Pizza.

And, newest to the fraternity, BlackV Club, an online clothier with the snappy slogan, “You can have any shirt you want, as long as it’s a black v-neck.”

Because, for now at least, they only sell black v-necks.


These are the young young turks, disrupters of disruption. The single-serving sites of single-serving friends.

In a market that’s seen everything, after all, the setting sun throws long shadows off the smallest of ideas — Tic-Tac tech, let’s call it.

One simple thing that’s simply done well, and with a delightful minty-fresh finish.

Herein lie today’s greenbacks. Or today’s exit strategy.

Easy to comprehend. Easy to digest. Easy to acquire.

And everyone could use a crisp black shirt.