Menswear | August 20, 2020 11:28 am

Deal: United by Blue Is Throwing a Sitewide Sale on Eco-Friendly Denim

Your jeans are dirty. Try a cleaner pair.

man wearing a pair of DL1961 eco-friendly blue jeans
DL1961 looks like normal denim, but it's much, much better for the planet.
United by Blue

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Denim is like your morning coffee order, there are so many options these days that once you find the one you like, you stick with it forever. No one wants to wear a pair of wonky jeans or sip on a flat white that doesn’t get you to that ideal caffeine high. 

Only the jeans you normally buy are probably bad for people and the planet. Really bad. We’re talking squalid labor conditions, harmful dyes and an ungodly amount of wastewater. As the public comes to this realization and doesn’t want to be responsible for that kind of harm, some companies are changing the way blue jeans are made, one of which is DL1961 — a brand that uses less water, custom yarn blends that incorporate eco-friendly fibers (and not simply 100-percent virgin cotton) and a vertically integrated manufacturing process.

Intrigued? You should be, especially because United by Blue is offering 30 percent off its entire selection of DL1961 denim when you use code DL30 at checkout. Whether you’re looking for tapered or slim fits, dark or light wash, there’s a discounted pair for you — minus the guilt.